Discover what to do in San Miguel de Balansat

Spectacular coves, little white houses and, of course, excellent gastronomy is what you will find during your visit to San Miguel de Balansat, a small must-see Ibizan village that belongs to the municipality of San Juan de Labritja.

Although this village of farmers and artisans has slowly been growing thanks to tourist development, we can say that it has managed to stay away from mass tourism. You cannot miss out on its church, perched atop the hill of Puig de Missa, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding fields and forests, and, in general, of the entire northern coast of the island. Find out what you can do in San Miguel de Balansat.

The church of San Miguel

If you feel like enjoying spectacular views or, better yet, one of the best sunsets in Ibiza, don’t miss out on a visit to the church of San Miguel.

This fortified temple was built in the 14th century on the highest point of Puig de Missa and is one of the oldest temples on Ibiza. Thanks to the fact that the coastline in this area is particularly steep, corsair attacks did not wreak as much havoc here as they did in other areas of the island.

Its central nave and its two chapels date back to the 16th century, while the frescoes with religious and floral motifs date from the 17th century. On the way up, you can also visit some of the workshops of well-known local craftsmen.

Other places of interest

In addition to the statue of the poet Marià Villangómez i Llobet and the beautiful coves in the surrounding area, you can visit the Torre des Molar tower, also known as Torre de Balansat, which is located at the top of a cliff almost 100 metres high, close to the port of San Miguel, and which used to warn of the presence of pirates and corsairs.

The port of San Miguel is a tourist settlement located next to a spectacular natural bay. It is a perfect destination for family tourism and a good place to enjoy Ibizan gastronomic specialities.

In the cliffs of the port of San Miguel you will find the Can Marcà cave, shaped by limestone rocks and impressive natural formations. A pathway carved into the rock will take you to the entrance of the cave for a fabulous underground visit – ideal for the whole family!

San Miguel de Balansat market and peasant dance

One of the best places to see a performance of payés dance, the traditional dance typical of Ibiza, is San Miguel de Balansat.

Apart from being able to attend its patron saint’s festivities, which are held on 29th September, you can go to the town on Thursdays at around 6 pm, where there are some exhibitions of traditional Ibizan dancing in addition to a crafts market.

Hiking in San Miguel de Balansat

The small town of San Miguel de Balansat is close to the mountainous area known as Els Amunts, an excellent place for hiking. It is a natural area that runs parallel to the coast and is home to a unique natural and cultural heritage. Don’t miss the chance to discover it!

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