7 Hidden and Lesser-Known Places in Ibiza

If you’re looking to discover some quiet, hidden, and lesser-known spots, Ibiza is teeming with them. In this guide, we show you charming small villages, secluded coves, and natural landscapes of unique beauty that we invite you to explore. These are corners that have remained on the fringes of the island’s bustling atmosphere, far from the nightclubs and crowded beaches. Fancy discovering them?

Cala Llentia

Despite its difficult access and the lack of signs to reach this cove, composed of small rocks and located on the southwest coast of Ibiza, it is indeed accessible!

This is a tiny cove with a rocky shore, often filled with Posidonia oceanica, and stands out for its special charm. It’s a virgin beach with a dilapidated boatshed and a setting of great beauty, perfect for those who appreciate solitude.

Moreover, next to the cove, you’ll find a monument made of thirteen basalt columns at different heights, created by artist Andrew Rogers, following the instructions of the founder of the well-known Cirque du Soleil. Notably, the central column is covered in gold leaf, aimed at reflecting the last rays of the sun spectacularly. This sculptural work is known to many as the ‘Stonehenge of Ibiza’.

Es Portitxol

Es Portitxol is an isolated, little-known, and very lonely beach, whose beauty surprises those who visit it. Its crystal-clear waters, cliffs, and lush nature will leave you speechless.

Access is via a semi-hidden trail that goes down a steep slope and is not easy at all. For this reason, perhaps the most advisable way to reach the beach is from the sea.

The cove, which has some boat sheds, offers no services. So, if you plan to visit, it’s best to come prepared with everything you might need.

The Gates of Heaven

In the vicinity of the town of Santa Inés, in the north of the island, you will find a spectacular viewpoint with views of the Ses Margalides islands, known as Sa Penya Esbarrada or the Gates of Heaven.

It is located in one of the most solitary areas of Ibiza, in a place full of magic, from where you can enjoy a unique sunset.

Its name is due to a natural stone arch on one of the islets in front of the viewpoint, resembling a gate, through which the sea seems to extend endlessly.

To reach this secluded spot, you can follow a panoramic trail starting at Cala d’Hort, which also offers incomparable views and the chance to discover breathtaking landscapes.

Cave of Ses Fontanelles

This cave, located under a large rock on the south slope of Puig Nonó, north of San Antonio, is also known as Sa Cova des Vi, since it was used as a wine press and for wine-related tasks in the past.

Inside, you’ll find fascinating rock paintings, which could date back to the Bronze Age. Although the entrance to the cave is closed to preserve them, it’s worth reaching this place to enjoy a magnificent view of the area.

It’s also quite common to see climbers ascending the vertical rocks where the cave is located.

San Juan

San Juan is a small village in the north of the island, quiet and infrequently visited by tourists, which has managed to retain all its essence, where time seems to have stopped.

As mass tourism has not yet reached here, everything is authentic, and Ibizan customs are deeply rooted.

Discovering this tiny locality is always an interesting experience, but doing so on a Sunday is even better! Being market day, you can always make some purchases, take a leisurely stroll, or try the typical homemade herb liqueur at one of the nearby bars.

And if you’re looking for a quiet beach in the area, you cannot miss Cala Xarraca, Cala Xuclar, or s’Illot des Renclí.

Punta Galera

Just four kilometers from San Antonio, you’ll find Punta Galera, a smooth rock cove that forms a most surprising wild landscape.

This stretch of rugged coast, with terraces of flat rocks at different levels for sunbathing, is quiet and solitary. Indeed, its main feature is the silence, and it’s not uncommon to find a yoga enthusiast practicing their daily routines.

Punta Galera lacks services and does not have beach bars. There are also no signs to facilitate access, nor sand to comfortably rest on a towel. Despite this, it’s the ideal place for nudism and enjoying tranquility and calm.

Sa Pedrera

Sa Pedrera, also known as Atlantis, is one of the most remote and spectacular corners of Ibiza. Due to its proximity to the islets of Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell, it has always been associated with spirituality and even magic.

This old quarry has become, today, a magical place for many visitors and tourists. In the late sixties, the hippies who arrived in Ibiza turned it into a true sanctuary. Since then, various figures such as Buddhas, fish, and others have been carved into the rocks, creating a most special landscape.
The rocks have some diagonal cuts that, when filled with water, form a kind of shallow natural pools, very curious and interesting.

If you plan to take a dip in this place, remember to bring a couple of towels to lie down on. Also, remember that it’s perfect for practicing nudism.

In Ibiza, there are many little-known corners, but capable of surprising anyone with their exceptional beauty. In addition to those we’ve shown you, Cala d’Albarca, Es Canaret beach, Es Culleram cave, the old bridge of Santa Eulalia, or the natural area of dels Amunts are some of them. Discover them and enjoy all the essence of Ibiza!

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