Ibizan Sobrasada, A Typical Delicacy of the Island

One of the most valued typical products of Ibiza is the sobrasada, a benchmark in Ibizan cuisine, noted for its unmistakable flavour. It is produced entirely by hand, during the Ibizan pig slaughter, one of the island’s most deeply rooted traditions. Discover all the details about the origin of sobrasada in Ibiza and enjoy its excellent quality.

Sobrasada with Denomination of Origin

In Ibiza, sobrasada is made according to the traditional slaughtering methods, with lean pork meat, seasoned with paprika and other natural spices.
It’s important to note that the meat comes from small farms, where, unlike industrial productions, pigs are naturally fed, can roam freely, and develop under the best conditions.

The island’s native pig is the ‘porc negre’ (black pig), which is noted for specific characteristics that differentiate it from the rest.

Moreover, the peasant sobrasada has the ‘Sabors d’Eivissa’ denomination of origin, guaranteeing the traditional production of the sobrasada and ensuring established quality standards.

This sausage is also the result of unique climatic conditions that confer an unmistakable flavour, making it, undoubtedly, one of Ibiza’s most treasured creations.

Sobrasada in Ibizan Cuisine

Sobrasada is the star sausage of Ibizan cuisine, as it can be presented in many ways, whether with a good piece of bread or to dress rice dishes, squids, or some of the most appreciated traditional stews of Ibiza.

One of the dishes that include sobrasada as a key ingredient is sofrit pagés, a stew that mixes different types of meat and various sausages, among which is sobrasada.

Sobrasada is also a fundamental ingredient in many dishes of Ibizan cuisine, such as omelette with bacon and sobrasada, rice with sobrasada and mushrooms, slaughter rice, brutish squid, or sirloin stuffed with brie cheese and sobrasada, among many others.

Where to Buy the Best Sobrasada in Ibiza

Today, you can buy quality sobrasada in almost any establishment on the island, especially in traditional Ibizan product stores and gourmet meat shops.

A butcher’s shop that offers artisanal sobrasadas of the highest quality is Can Ros, located in San José. It is a good place to buy all kinds of sausages made according to traditional recipes and meats from pigs raised in the Ibizan countryside.

In Ibiza city, you will also find the butcher’s shop Can Marsoc, whose main objective is to promote the responsible consumption of sustainable meat, with an animal welfare-based breeding model, in which ethical production processes are carried out. Also, do not forget to try their prepared dishes, made with fresh Ibizan products of the highest quality. The best of Ibizan cuisine at your fingertips!

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