Discover Ibiza’s 5 best secluded beaches

Our goal today isn’t to tell you about beach bars, crowded beaches, sunbeds or parasols. Today we are going on the hunt for peaceful spots, locations where you can lose yourself and which will undoubtedly leave you speechless. It is well known that the island of Ibiza, with its spectacular fine sand beaches and transparent waters, is the closest thing to paradise. And this is also precisely why, during the summer season, its beaches are completely packed with tourists.

Today we present to you 5 of the best secluded beaches in Ibiza so that you can enjoy the tranquillity, calm and silence of the Mediterranean during your holidays.

Cala d’Albarca: nature in its purest form

Cala d’Albarca, declared an area of special natural interest, is located in the north of Ibiza and is part of the steep coast of Es Amunts, in the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany.

At the foot of imposing, hidden cliffs and surrounded by lush pine forests, this cove is perhaps one of the most unspoilt on the island. Its wild beauty and transparent waters will surely surprise you. On one of the cove’s sides there is an interesting natural rock bridge, result from an encounter of the sea and the passage of time.

How to get to Cala D’Albarca?

To reach the cove, you can take the road to the left of the church of Sant Mateu, in Sant Mateu d’Albarca (Sant Antoni de Portmany). Continue with the car for approximately one kilometre and then take the dirt road that goes off to the right until you reach a larger area where you can leave your car. This is the start of the path that descends to the cove. Only thirty or forty minutes stand between you and this place of spectacular beauty.

Cala Llentrisca: turquoise waters just a few kilometres from Es Cubells

This fishermen’s cove is small, barely a hundred metres long, but immensely beautiful. It is located about three kilometres from Es Cubells, in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia.

Cala Llentrisca is a quiet and isolated cove, typically frequented by divers and fishermen from the area, especially during the weekend. If you visit it during the week, you can enjoy the solitude even during the months of July and August.

How to get to Cala Llentrisca?

Access is not easy, but it is worth it if you want to swim, dive, snorkel or simply relax and enjoy yourself.

Take the road to the left in front of the church of Es Cubells, following the signs. You will arrive at the entrance of the Los Parques de Es Cubells housing development, where the gate will be opened and you will be given access to the cove. Take a right on all the road forks you come across along the road, until you can go no further. Here, it is time to leave the car and continue on foot along the beautiful path that will lead you to the cove.

Cala Olivera, a beautiful spot to discover in Santa Eulària des Riu

Cala Olivera is a small cove made of sand and stones that is well worth a visit in the area of Cala Llonga, in the interior of the Roca Llisa residential area, just a few kilometres from Santa Eulària.

Its atmosphere is calm and pleasant, and you will most likely be able to enjoy it in complete solitude. Its waters are transparent and of a spectacular emerald hue. As an interesting fact, we can tell you that next to Cala Olivera you will find the tiny Cala D’Espart, even smaller, next to which you will find the house of famous film director Roman Polanski.

How to get to Cala Olivera?

In Jesús, a small village near the city of Ibiza, in the municipality of Santa Eulària, take the road to Cala Llonga for about three kilometres. When you see the golf course, turn right until you reach the entrance to the Roca Llisa housing estate, where you will find the security checkpoint. When you cross the checkpoint, take the road on the left and after following another road to the right you will reach your destination. The views of the rocky horizon from the shore of Cala Olivera are well worth the hike. Promise!

Punta Galera: perfect waters for diving in Sant Antoni de Portmany

Punta Galera, four kilometres from Sant Antoni and in the area of Cala Salada, is not a typical Ibizan beach or cove. It is made up of a series of rock terraces at different heights where you can lie down and sunbathe. Due to its conditions, it is one of the favourite beaches for nudists and divers alike. And, of course, the transparency and beautiful colour of its waters stand out.

How to get to Punta Galera?

Taking Sant Antoni as your starting point, take the Santa Inés road. After about two kilometres, take the turning to the left towards Cala Salada. Before arriving, you will find the entrance to the urbanisation. Its streets will lead you to the path that will give you access to the smooth rocks of Punta Galera. This is the moment to continue your descent on foot along the rocks. Make the most of it and take in the breath-taking views… They are astonishing!

Es Portitxol, a beautiful harbour with fishermen’s cottages

Es Portitxol is a small cove formed by a small natural harbour full of fishermen’s cottages, located in Sant Joan de Labritja, in the north of Ibiza, six kilometres from Sant Miquel. This cove composed of rocks and gravel is an isolated location, protected by the cliffs from the wind and waves.

The cove offers absolute tranquillity, as it is far from the island’s tourist routes and is frequented only by a few fishermen.

How to get to Es Portitxol?

The road from San Miguel to San Mateo will take you to the path that descends the hillside to the cove, close to the Isla Blanca housing development, and which you can walk on for about 30 to 40 minutes. The wide path runs along the coast and will surprise you with fantastic views. As you can see, Ibiza has many isolated, beautiful spots that guarantee peace and quiet. You just have to be ready to discover them… What are your favourite secluded beaches in Ibiza?

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