10 curiosities about Ibiza that you’ll like to know

You may know the island of Ibiza for its turquoise waters, its golden sandy beaches, its endless party nights or its magical sunsets. However, behind this Mediterranean paradise lie legends, secrets and many curiosities that you probably don’t know about.

If you want to find out about some of the curiosities that revolve around this magical place in the Balearic Islands, get ready to be surprised!

1. It’s possible to walk the entire coastline of Ibiza

One of the curiosities of Ibiza that will appeal most to hiking enthusiasts is that it is possible to walk along the entire coastline.

The route is approximately 160 kilometres, full of spectacular landscapes, beautiful beaches and numerous places of interest. The best thing to do is to divide the route into different stages and take the opportunity to visit beaches, villages and other emblematic spots.

2. Here, you will find the third most magnetic place in the world

In Ibiza lies Es Vedrà, a small uninhabited islet, considered to be one of the most enigmatic places on the island. In fact, it is the third most magnetic place in the world, with the highest concentration of energy after the North Pole and the well-known Bermuda Triangle.

The truth is that Es Vedrà has always been associated with stories of ancient mythology and is the subject of many legends, such as, for example, the sunken civilisation of Atlantis. It has even been said that limestone from Es Vedrà was used in the construction of the pyramids of Egypt.

3. Ibiza’s population has doubled in just 25 years

In 1996, Ibiza had a stable population of 78,867 inhabitants, which grew to 151,827 by 2021. It’s worth mentioning that the first summer after the Covid-19 pandemic, Ibiza registered a population peak of 255,929 people.

Moreover, the island’s population increases considerably during the summer months, housing millions of tourists.

4. Ibiza has a monument in honour of pirates

The island of Ibiza was a real battlefield where pirates ravaged the coasts of the Mediterranean in search of precious treasures.

Defence towers, castles and fortified walls still remain from those times, which are proof of the defensive activity of the Ibizan population against corsair attacks. However, in 1915, a monument was erected in the port of Ibiza in honour of the Ibizan corsairs who defended its coasts. This obelisk is unique in the world, with the exception of the one built by the British in honour of Francis Drake, a well-known pirate and explorer.

5. Wine is also produced in Ibiza

Many are surprised to learn that wine is also produced on the island of Ibiza, especially in the island’s interior territory. You will find several wineries that are characterised by their artisanal production, which is quite rare and of great quality.

In some of them, such as those in Sant Josep, Buscatell and Sant Mateu, you can also visit their facilities and taste their wines.

6. Ibiza has only recorded one single plane crash

Ibiza has only ever recorded one aviation accident which took place in 1972.

In this tragic accident, 98 passengers died along with the 6 crew members when the plane crashed on one of the slopes of Sa Talaia, the island’s highest peak.

7. Ibiza is a film destination

Ibiza, an island that inspires numerous plots and stories, has been the setting for several films and series. A summer in Ibiza, The Europeans, Hasta el cielo, Amnesia, El buzo and White Island are just some of them.

8. Ibiza holds a hotel that served as a military base during the Civil War

The city of Ibiza is home to the oldest hotel on the island, the Gran Hotel Montesol de Vara de Rey. This hotel was inaugurated in 1933 and it was used by the army as a military base during the Spanish Civil War.

It is located in a historic colonial-style building, declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest.

9. Ibiza is home to the highest paid DJs in the world

Ibiza’s nightclubs are a real paradise for the lovers of electronic music, as they host some of the most highly regarded and highly paid DJs in the world.

As a curiosity, we can’t fail to mention the 42.2 million euros of The Chainsmokers, the 36.7 million of the American Marshmello, or the 35 million of Calvin Harris, formerly the highest paid DJ in the world.

10. Ibiza has the largest olive tree in the country

Ibiza is a land of thousand-year-old olive trees, and hence it isn’t surprising that the island is also home to the largest olive tree in Spain, with a height of 12 metres and a 15 metre trunk.

It is known as s’Olivera de n’Espanya and is located near the town of Sant Carles de Peralta. Although it is not the oldest olive tree in Spain, it has a high ecological value, which is why it’s necessary to guarantee its protection.

And how about you… Do you know any other curiosities about Ibiza that we should know about?

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