The West End of San Antonio: enjoy the liveliest atmosphere in Ibiza

You’ve probably heard of the West End of San Antonio, one of the most famous party zones in Ibiza.

With its plethora of cocktail bars spread across a maze of pedestrian streets, this area draws a large crowd of tourists, especially from Britain, on a daily basis. Moreover, it remains open year-round. So, brace yourself for some serious fun!

Party and fun in San Antonio

If you’re seeking a party hub in Ibiza to soak up the festive atmosphere before hitting one of the island’s nightclubs, the West End of San Antonio is perfect for you!

Comprising four or five pedestrian streets such as Vara de Rey and General Prim, located near the port of San Antonio, these streets lie adjacent to passeig de Ses Fonts. The best way to access them is via Santa Agnès street, perpendicular to the former.

Around eight in the evening is when this area transforms into a bustling meeting point for locals and tourists alike. The goal? Enjoying drinks at any of its bars, pubs, and terraces, and, of course, having a blast.

While the venues remain open year-round, the atmosphere naturally varies. During the winter months, when tourist presence is low, it’s the residents of Ibiza who frequent the bars, offering a quieter ambiance.

However, in the summer, you’ll find a significant portion of tourists staying in the bay of San Antonio congregating here. It’s centrally located, well-positioned, and quite affordable, making it an ideal spot to kick off the party. It’s no wonder that many establishments display flags of England, Ireland, or Scotland at their entrances, extending a warm welcome to British tourists.

Additionally, apart from bars and pubs, the West End of San Antonio also hosts some fast-food stalls, offering delights like fish and chips, which remain open until the early hours of the morning.

Things to do in San Antonio de Portmany

Besides its festive ambiance, San Antonio is also renowned as a former fishing village that retains all its charm and offers countless leisure options for all ages.

One must-visit spot is its church, built in the early 14th century, making it the second oldest temple in Ibiza. This fortress-like temple played a significant role in repelling attacks by pirates and privateers.

Externally, its facade and bell tower stand out, while inside, you’ll find altarpieces dedicated to Saint Roque and the Virgin of the Rosary, along with a sculpture of Saint Vincent Ferrer dating back to the 17th century.

Don’t miss out on a stroll along the promenade, stretching four kilometers along the bay, from Es Caló des Moro beach to s’Arenal beach. Along this route, you’ll encounter all sorts of shops, restaurants, craft markets, and many other amenities. The most popular stretch, known as the Sunset Strip, offers one of the best sunsets in Ibiza.

And don’t forget about the Cap Blanc Aquarium, Columbus’ Egg, or, if you’re up for it, booking a boat trip to explore the bay of San Antonio from a different perspective. Why not?

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