Adlib fashion in Ibiza: dress as you like, but always in style

Esparto grass slippers, straw hats and incandescent white dresses with lace and ruffles are always present in the well-known Adlib fashion. It is a trend inspired by the hippie style and is closely linked to traditional Ibizan clothing, which exudes freshness and originality on all four sides. The truth is that Adlib fashion does not expire and, year after year, it comes back with force to seduce Ibizans and tourists. If you are curious to know more, we’ll tell you all about it!

Adlib, a fashion with a lot of history

We can say that it all began with the celebration of the First Ibiza Fashion Week in 1971. It was then that local fashion and traditional Ibizan costumes merged with the newly arrived hippie style, created by artists and bohemians, and which used natural, handcrafted materials.

This made the traditional costumes lighter and allowed for the fashion to adapt to new trends, giving rise to Adlib fashion.

The brand, nowadays very consolidated, was born under the protection of the Latin expression ad libitum, which means “freedom”. As if it were a declaration of principles, Adlib fashion is a bid for everyone to dress as they wish, but always with style. 

At the time, Adlib fashion emerged as an alternative for many young people, who were captivated by the fresh and natural designs in which they felt reflected.

That movement inspired new designers from Ibiza and other European countries to create new pieces that highlighted women’s bodies; comfortable, white, light and hand-embroidered garments.

Today, Adlib fashion still retains the originality, comfort, lightness and freshness of that time. However, despite the fact that every year a large number of designers reappear with many novel and renewed Adlib proposals, they always retain all their essence.

Philosophy of the Adlib brand

Every year, countless Adlib garments are seen all over Ibiza and even beyond the island. Those who wear this clothing and its accessories are part of a philosophy where freedom and good taste are the main signs of identity.

People of all ages walk around wearing Adlib dresses and accessories, with a casual attitude that lets themselves be carried away by their free spirit.

In addition, in its origins, the improvement of the economy and the desire for freedom reached many homes, where, thanks to the creation of new jobs, many women were able to start working as seamstresses.

What does Adlib fashion look like today?

More than 50 years after the birth of Adlib fashion, this style is still trendy and, although it has adapted to modern times, Adlib still stays true to its essence.

And so much so that, every summer, Ibiza continues to host its Fashion Week where there is a space dedicated to multiple designers who present their garments for the new season.

If you want to buy some Adlib garments, whether for women, men or children, you can find them in the hippie markets as well as in the most sophisticated boutiques. They are handcrafted, simple garments, with embroidery and lace that have been made in small workshops in a sustainable way while respecting the environment.

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